Women's Rash Vests

Stylish, sophisticated and, most importantly, sun protective, rash vests are yours for the taking, here at Baku Swimwear. 

We have an extensive range of women’s rash vests, many of which include our famed body-loving fabrics and exclusive designs. Browse through our collection, and you’ll find a variety of bright neons, classic monochromes, vivid long sleeve rashies, exotic crops and more! 

Here at Baku Swimwear, we aim to match the needs of every woman with our line of rash vests. Purchase today and you’ll find yourself with a creation that’s highly durable, of excellent quality and, most importantly, flattering to your unique shape. Check out our rash vests and enjoy, ladies!

When you love spending time swimming in the open water, your rash vest will become an essential piece of kit. At Baku Swimwear, we sell rash vests that will help you regulate your body temperature while making sure you look stylish. Like other items in our collections, each vest is 100% Australian-produced. When you shop with us, you'll always enjoy a high-end product that will enhance your watersport activities.

Reasons to wear a rash vest

Whether you love to surf or you're a fan of open water swimming, the sea can sometimes be unbearably cold. During the winter, temperatures dip extra low, which can make enjoying your usual activities difficult.

A good rash vest will help you maintain your body temperature at an area where you need it most: your torso. In addition to helping you stay comfortable, it will keep you safe. Keeping your body temperature up around your core stops blood from leaving your limbs, which allows you to swim safely.

A great rash vest will also guard you against abrasions and UV ray exposure. Although surfing is exceedingly fun, you will come into contact with surfaces and substances that can irritate your skin. The right vest will keep your skin safe, allowing you to enjoy your usual sea hobbies day after day without irritation.

Finding the right fit

Your rash vest should have a snug fit. As a result, they should be a little tight, but you do need to keep your body movements and comfort in mind too. With the Baku Swimwear size guide, you can find the right fit for your body.

If you're planning to wear your vest over other swimwear items, always consider them before making your purchase. Our bikini tops with padding will make your vest extra-snug, which is worth bearing in mind before you buy one.

Rash vests by Baku Swimwear

At Baku Swimwear, our rash vests come in a variety of styles to accommodate the diverse needs of our customers. If you're going to head into the sea when the temperatures are cold, try one of our long-sleeved vests. Many of these vests benefit from a 50+ UV protection rating, so you don't need to worry about unexpected bursts of sunburn. For ease of use, choose one with a zip front so that you can slide in and out of it with minimal hassle.

As the temperatures start to rise, our sleeveless rash vests will do the trick. They feature a blend of microfibres and elastane, allowing you to enjoy moveable comfort that you won't find elsewhere. When teamed with some of our bikini bottoms, they act as ideal surfing accessories. 

With a 100% Australian owned swimwear collection, we deliver all our rash vests from right here in Sydney. Each customer who shops with Baku Swimwear enjoys high-end products that support their beachside activities. Whether you're ordering a new vest or you're exploring our other clothing collections, we want to make sure you have an enjoyable shopping experience. If you have any questions, contact us