Kaftan Resort Wear

During the heat of the summer and in all of the fun that goes along with it, you demand one thing of your wardrobe: versatility.

Let our kaftans and other tops replace the old-fashioned T-shirt as your go everywhere, do everything clothing choice. Why? 

Their loose-fitting and longer style do not cling to your skin, feeling much more comfortable in the heat of the day, especially in more tropical areas. 

Even better, kaftans and tops add a bit of elegance to casual wear. They reflect clothing styles from exotic locales that mix the best of fun and fashion.

They serve as a perfect top for a casual day or night out, a cover up to wear down to the beach or pool, or even comfy sleepwear. Kaftans can do everything a T shirt can, but with more style and beautiful looks.

Popular Because of Playfulness

Our customers love our bright, versatile, and playful kaftans and tops, all designed for comfort, style, and convenience.

Amp up the “wow” factor with a bright and comfy Resortwear Moroccan Kaftan. Graced with beautiful fringe and available in four striking colours, this selection will grab everyone’s attention. 

The Resortwear Moondancer Kaftan hits all the right notes of elegance and comfort. With a loose, easy fit and stylish design, it flows enticingly from the arms and sways with your body movement. Available in burgundy and white 100 percent viscose fabric, it wears as amazing as it looks.

For a more contemporary look, try our popular Stripe Placement Kaftan. With black and white horizontal stripes and a cute drawstring at the neck, this selection screams both playfulness and modern style, with a touch of nautical flair.

Using Sustainable Fabrics That Feel Fabulous

At Baku Swimwear, we strive to improve our efforts toward sustainability and environmental responsibility. Part of that commitment includes using materials such as viscose wherever possible.

Viscose has the breathability, soft comfort, and convenience of cotton, but with a silky sheen. It uses a cellulose harvested from responsibly managed eucalyptus and acacia plantations, instead of cotton or petroleum byproducts. Waste viscose fabric is also 100 percent biodegradable.

Order a kaftan, dress, or other selection today, and feel the difference in our fabrics.

Proudly Crafted In Australia

Every stitch of every article of clothing that we manufacture comes through our facility in Sydney. We proudly design and make our entire selection using the best workforce anywhere: Australians. 

That pride extends to everyone who works for us. They know that our quality and durability has made Baku Swimwear products popular worldwide.

We invite you to check out our full selection, including exciting new arrivals and an extensive spectrum of items on sale

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