Resort Wear Dresses

When the weather heats up, your wardrobe needs the best options for comfort. 

At Baku Swimwear, we encourage you to give the tired old T shirt and shorts time off. Instead, try out one of our stylishly elegant dresses. 

And truly, what feels better to wear on a sunny day with warm summer breezes than that perfect summer dress?

We offer a wide selection of adorable designs, from long, swaying maxi dresses to cute babydoll styles. Each design comes in a variety of prints to fit our customers’ individual sense of taste.

Amazing Style, Incredible Comfort

Cover up, yet still feature a fully flirtatious look with ourBoheme Baby Doll. Fashioned of 100 percent viscose, this dress feels as soft, sensual, and comfy as it looks. It also features a beautifully intricate floral print on a navy blue field.

We also offer the same fun Boheme design in a full length sleeveless dress with shoulder straps.

Expand your island sensibilities with the gorgeous Galapagos Maxi. This 100 percent viscose dress features a classic pattern on the popular maxi dress design, ideal for home wear or for holiday travel. We designed this dress with side slits to flow right along with you as you move, making it the next best thing to wearing nothing at all.

Ready for an adventure? Whether cruising the islands or relaxing at home, the elegant Vanuatu Cruise Dress will make you feel as if you are on a luxurious excursion. A full-length sleeveless dress graced with shoulder straps and a floral pattern reminiscent of the South Pacific Islands, this dress is versatile enough for rest and relaxation or a high-end night on the town. 

Regardless of your selection, you will enjoy making a stunning appearance and the feel of luxuriant fabric against your skin.

Vive le Viscose Difference

We manufacture all of our dresses from 100 percent genuine viscose fabric in crinkle and non-crinkle styles. 

Baku Swimwear chose viscose first because of its feel. Made of cellulose fibers from responsibly managed eucalyptus and acacia plantations, this fabric has the light feel, breathability, and absorption of cotton, but features the light sheen of silk. 

Even better, the manufacture of viscose fabric places much less strain on an already burdened environment. All material is sourced from trees rather than petroleum byproducts. 

After disposal, viscose materials also prove 100 percent biodegradable.

With Baku Swimwear dresses, you can feel more comfortable in your clothing and have the peace of mind that comes from buying a sustainable product.

Designed and Crafted In Australia

As with all of our vast selection, we proudly design and make every dress in our Sydney facility. Our all Australian workforce shares a commitment to offer the best of Australian seasonal clothing to our customers throughout the world. 

No matter where our products go, they will always have firm roots right here in Australia.

Make sure to check out our entire line of clothing, from swimwear to boardshorts. We also have a broad selection of items on sale, as well as exciting new arrivals

Let Baku Swimwear be your one-stop shop for all your summer and holiday apparel.