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An Australian Family Story for over 50 Years. BAKU est 1969

Baku is 100% Australian owned and is based in Sydney, Australia. We are
a leading Australian swimwear brand that offers exclusive, sophisticated
designs coupled with superior fit in the highest quality innovative
fabrications; that is desirable to women of all ages & sizes. Fit, function
and fashion are always at the forefront of our design process. BAKU is all
about perfect fitting swimwear that inspires women to feel confident &


Are you looking to hit the water or simply soak up some sun with a relaxed day at the beach? Do it in absolute style with Baku Swimwear. As the largest and trendiest Australian-owned swimwear brand, our inclusive range will get you feeling confident and glamorous in and out of the water.

Born on the beaches of Sydney, Baku Swimwear has been setting the trend for swimwear in Australia since 1969. We design and produce leading swim and beachwear for women locally and abroad, drawing inspiration from exotic destinations. We aim to turn up the heat while remaining effortlessly stylish, and by choosing Baku you become a part of Australia’s most beloved swimwear brand.

Women's Swimwear Australia

Women’s swimwear is an intricate and essential fashion. Luckily, we Aussies have mastered the art of beachwear. 

Here at Baku Swimwear, we understand that you want to look fabulous while remaining comfortable. Even when you want to get a little wild in the water, we have got you covered - literally!

We are the hottest label in Australia right now and an absolute trendsetter. When it comes to the best swimwear in Australia, buy online at Baku Swimwear and rock it in the summer sun. It doesn’t matter your style, age, body shape and size, or beachwear preferences — we have it all for you, babe!

Women’s Swimwear To Suit Every Body Type

As Hubert de Givenchy once famously said, ‘The dress must follow the body of a woman.’ Your body type shapes the bikini, not the other way round. That being said, it is easy to flatter yourself and your admirers in a well-cut bikini.

At Baku Swimwear, we know the secret to style is confidence. Whether you’re a petite gal, a plus-size babe, or fit into the spoon, hourglass, pear, diamond, or athletic classifications, we have something for you. Fitting a bikini need not be a nerve-racking experience - not with Baku. 

Our very own Dax and Tamara Bykerk have been at the helm of the Baku Swimwear design team, directing Australia’s most successful swimwear brands. By drawing inspiration from around the world, Baku brings you the most high-quality swimwear designs and styles to suit every woman.

Bikini Swimsuits for Women

Bikinis are the ultimate swimwear. They flatter, they entice, and they can make you look like an absolute goddess on the beach, in the water, or simply by the pool. Bikinis expose as much skin as you dare to encourage cooling, even tanning, and comfortable movement while covering and flattering the most important areas so you feel good in your own skin.

Since their inception in 1946, bikinis have undergone massive revolution to be the classy pieces we see today. There are, so far, more than 12 types of bikinis designed for various effects. Baku Swimwear has them all - just select the one that you love most! Here are some fun examples.

  • Strapless bikini/ bandeau - With a bandeau bra and a bottom like briefs, the strapless bikini is the epitome of effortless elegance. Allowing an even tan across the beach and shoulders, the bandeau bikini flatters straight and curvy figures.
  • Monokini - A blend of the one-piece and two-piece styles, monokinis are classy and sexy. They show skin in all the right places, give you a little bit of support, and cover everything else up nicely.
  • Triangle bikini - The classic bikini, it ties at the back and comes up at the neck. The fabric has a classic triangular shape for bare minimum coverage, making it among the sexiest and most feminine.
  • Halter top bikini - Like a tank top, it has no sleeves and sits high on the neck and chest. It offers coverage and support for sunbathing sessions and ocean swims. Paired with a high waisted bikini bottom to transform your look into a vintage-inspired look. 

Bikinis and swimwear for women come in many other styles and options. Whatever you are aiming for, show off your personality this summer by shopping for swimwear and bikinis online.

Best Bikinis Australia

Sunny colours, perfect fit, and glamorous designs are the hallmark of a good bikini. Buying swimwear online is tricky business unless you trust the right people to design, cut, and deliver the right bikinis for you.

Our bikinis reflect not only your outer beauty but your inner goddess as well. A Baku bikini is so much more than a few pieces of cloth and straps joined together. Knowing the struggle ladies go through when trying to find the perfect swimwear for the beach or pool, our designers put everything into making sure you get the perfect bikini for your body shape and cup size.

Designed to Fit: Our Size Guides for Any Body Shape

Just like bras and lingerie, swimsuits leave room for error when it comes to fitting. You just have to get it right the first time unless you want to get some rude shocks in the water. At Baku, we provide a comprehensive fitting guide to make sure that you can always choose the size that fits perfectly.

We depend on some common bra measurements to describe our sizes. It helps to measure yourself first before shopping to determine what will fit without any hassle.

  • Bust - The bust circumference is measured around the fullest part of the chest. Measure it by laying the tape lightly but firmly without changing the shape of your breasts.
  • Underbust - Measure by laying the tape flat just below your bust and making sure that it is straight in the back.
  • Waist - For your bikini bottoms, measure around your torso at the smallest part of your waist just above your belly button.
  • Hip - Measure around the fullest part of your hips.

How Your Bikini Should Fit

If you want to know that your swimsuit fits correctly, it should provide lots of support without being too constricting or tight. Once you put it on, you should be able to move around as much as you like without fear of things spilling out. Beach cricket or a game of volleyball should never be off-limits! 

Here are a few rules to help you fit your swimsuit correctly:

  • The band of your top should be snug, but not uncomfortable. There should be enough space to fit three fingers between it and the skin.
  • The front and back of the tops should be on the same level. If the back is higher, the top is too big.
  • The straps should never dig into the skin: they are only supposed to carry 20% of your bust weight. If they slip off during adjustment, they are too wide. Get one with narrow straps.
  • The cups of the top should not be squishing your breasts together. They should lie comfortably on the skin.
  • Underwires should provide all the support you need without digging into the skin or floating around.
  • The bottoms should provide the right amount of coverage and support to your backside. There should not be any creases, and they should not get loose when wet.

Cheap bikinis are the stuff of nightmares, and many ladies have suffered under their dark rule. Baku bikinis only use the best material fit for swimming, assuring you that you can enjoy your day at the beach or pool without having to constantly check your goods. 

If a day at the beach sounds like torture to you, you clearly haven’t tried Baku. 

Bandeau Swimsuits

Bandeau bikinis are a great way to look totally chic at the beach, feel great in and out of the water. While they are strictly for ladies with smaller busts and more boyish shapes, they have evolved greatly over time into one and two-piece sets perfect for most women.

Baku swimwear brings you some of the trendiest bandeau bikinis to get out of your beach blues and into the mood for fun. Don’t worry - these cute pieces will stay in place even when you’re super active. Plus, they’re great for wearing under a kaftan or other beachwear if you plan on doing more than swimming.

One Piece Beachwear for Women 

Looking for more protection and carefree confidence? Baku’s one piece swimwear is here to save the day. These amazing pieces of beachwear are not only great for covering up on public beaches, but they also offer more protection from the sun and chlorinated water.

Worried about your tummy? Go one-piece! It can be extremely flattering for anyone, especially if you get a perfect fit. And no, they don’t make you look old. Baku swimwear bikinis are trendy, fresh, and fabulously stylish. Step out in one, and you will be the envy of everyone at the beach.

When you aim at being a little more active and want to keep everything in place, a one-piece is a great solution. It will not slip off, it has lots of material, and won’t need constant adjustment.

Largest Swimwear Collection for Women

Baku Swimwear is the strongest selling label in Australia. Our massive swimwear collection is the result of decades of inspiration, talent, and hard work. Over the years, we have built up the Baku name to a household name for all ladies who want to look fabulous whenever they go poolside or in the sand. 

Our love for quality swimwear transcends our borders as well. Across the world, Baku Swimwear is a coveted label. We believe in Australian quality and driving local business. With typical Aussie spirit, we push on where none else dare, designing new and bold designs for all women. 

Bold Or Demure, We’ve Got You Covered

Swimwear should infuse confidence and class into you, not make you feel insecure or exposed. If your style is more demure and ‘ladylike’, go for the classy boardwalk collection. Designed to bring the basics of swimwear into your wardrobe while remaining decidedly chic and sassy.

If you love bolder colours and intricate designs, get our safari collection. Fierce and intimidating, it is more those who scratch and pounce and are not afraid to make their presence known. 

Baku is all about sexy swimwear. If you’re looking to strut and turn heads, we recommend that you go for our Brazilian Kokomo collection. It is seductive, bold, and yet provides full coverage for any body shape. Do not be afraid of letting go and being free. We have you covered, no matter your taste in swimwear. 

Trendy Beachwear for Women

Our amazing collections are inspired by swimwear trends from around the world. Just dive into our collections and explore the dozens of different designs, patterns, motifs, and colours on offer. Warning: your seaside wardrobe is about to get a makeover. 

As Australia’s top designer and producer of fashion-forward swimwear, Baku has a reputation of being a trendsetter. Step out in one of our latest designs, and you will be looking as fresh as any model.

Australian Made Swimwear for Women

Aussie babes love to have fun, and they love to be wild. No other swimwear but Aussie swimwear will do for you. We are 100% Australian with local talent to make sure that every piece we make passes quality standards.

As always, Baku stays on top of local trends when it comes to women’s swimwear in Australia. From the latest beach kaftans to trendy bikini bottoms, our specialty is to make you rock at the beach.

Shop Australian and have full confidence in quality, heritage and style. If your previous beachwear has problems with pinching, shrinking, tearing, or otherwise any discomfort, it wasn’t right for you. Baku brings you swimwear designed for Australian ladies, complete with the right proportions and world-class materials to ensure top quality.

Shop Now, Pay Later With AfterPay

Baku Swimwear is proud to partner with Afterpay to help you get that dream swimwear without straining your pockets. Summer has come earlier than your paycheck? Don’t worry, Afterpay at check out and make your payments in quarterly payments, completely interest-free. 

Guaranteed Quality

At Baku Swimwear, quality is in our DNA. Don’t be worried about products that don’t fit or those that don’t quite match your expectations. Order today, and if you don’t like it within 30 days, simply return it to us for a full refund or exchange. 

All we ask is that the items have the original stickers still on, including the hygiene stickers and tags. If the one you like is too big, too small, or otherwise not a good fit, we’re happy to exchange it within our terms and conditions.

So, why are you holding back? You don’t have to suffer the indignity of poor quality swimwear. Buy Baku today, and forevermore enjoy the water as you are supposed to.