Retro & High Waist Bikini Bottoms

Remember the sophisticated and elegant, yet still flirty and gorgeous swimwear styles of the 70s, 80s, and 90s? 

Baku Swimwear has brought them back. 

Our high waist bikini bottoms provide the perfect combination of style, comfort, and confidence. They cling snugly to show off what you want to accentuate while providing more tummy support. 

Baku offers a wide variety of prints, colors, and styles of bikini pants. And each one is designed to match a range of our beautiful bikini tops.

When warm weather beckons you to the beach, pool, or elsewhere in the outdoors, Baku Swimwear has a suit for you. 

So Many Styles and Colours

We know that every individual has her own style. Our team strives daily to offer the best possible selection of popular looks.

Those who love the minimalist basic black swimsuit will enjoy our Eco Essentials line. A roll-top tummy control pant adds wearer confidence to beautiful attention-earning style. For those daring to bare more, we also offer Eco Essential style in Hipster, Brazilian, and other styles of bikini pant.

Reminiscent of the lush natural beauty of Tahiti and other famed islands, the South Pacific High Waist Pant offers beautiful and colourful floral patterns imposed on a rich navy blue field. The contrast of colours creates a gorgeous look for discerning customers.  This option has a subtle, yet lovely ladder lace trim as part of a tummy control waistline. 

Bring back the fun of the decade that brought us "Ferris Bueller’s Day Off" and "Pretty in Pink!" The 80s featured daring colour combinations that attracted attention and looked incredible. Our Sardinia High Bikini Pantfeatures a range of gorgeously coloured light and dark horizontal stripes. This 80s-inpsired bikini pant also has shades of the jet set 60s and 70s going for it, so you know you'll hit the beach or pool in classic, vibrant style. 

Like all of our high pant options, the Sardinia offers tummy control to cultivate confidence. It also perfectly matches a range of Sardinia style bikini tops, including lace-up and triangle options.

Durable Design and Comfortable Fit

Baku’s entire swimwear selection features combined polyamide and elastane materials. Soft to the touch, yet tough as leather, polyamides were first used for parachutes during World War II. Women especially loved the material so much, they bought surplus stock to make dresses. 

Elastane, commonly called Spandex or Lycra, provides incredible elasticity and resilience. 

Combined with the luxuriant feel of polyamide fabric, your bikini pant and other swimwear from Baku are tough enough to withstand all of the punishment that an active summer can offer. 

Australia Proud

Baku Swimwear proudly designs and manufactures its entire line of clothing and accessories right here in Sydney. We rely on hard-working Australians to produce the best swimwear made here for our valued customers across the globe. 

Check out our full slate of swimwear, clothing, and accessories. Make sure to check out both our sale items and our new arrivals page.

And don’t forget about our policy of free local delivery for orders totalling over $100. 

With all Baku Swimwear has to offer, why shop anywhere else?